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Eljen Geotextile Sand Filters (GSFs) are a superior product compared to many conventional systems. It’s time to find out why.

As shown above, the Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter incorporates enhanced distribution, a significant increase in filtration surface area, intentional passive aeration as well as superior quality of sand to provide a quality of effluent reaching the soil that exceeds that of conventional systems in Pennsylvania.

The distribution of effluent over the sand allows for the entire area under the module to receive effluent for final polishing at a loading rate that could be nearly 20 times lower than that of a typical elevated sand mound. Because treatment efficiency in filtration systems is largely a function of loading rate, lowering the loading rate with Eljen modules can achieve much improved treatment performance as compared to conventional PA gravel and pipe distribution systems.

Benefits of Time Dosing Control Systems

In addition to superior effluent quality and distribution, the typical PA Eljen system incorporates time dosing which:

  1. Limits the volume of water that can be sent to the absorption area (as opposed to unrestricted demand dosing in conventional PA systems), and
  2. Allows specific rest periods between doses to allow for oxygen to be drawn into the absorption area (providing more efficient treatment performance)

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Sizing Reductions

As a result of the high quality of effluent, Eljen systems in PA are afforded sizing reductions in the perc rate range of 3 – 60 min/in, allowing for less area to be consumed by the absorption area. Because of this, we can take a reduction in “apparent” size without having a great effect on the “true” absorption area.

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As you can see, Eljen systems in Pennsylvania are superior to conventional systems in a number of ways. They also have the added benefit of passive treatment—requiring no more maintenance than conventional systems—and they DO NOT require a costly maintenance agreement, as most advanced treatment systems in PA are required to have. This gives you perhaps the most beneficial advantage of all – lower cost!